Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Upright Exercise Bike

schwinn airdyne ad6This Schwinn Airdyne AD6Schwinn Airdyne AD6 is a great piece of exercise equipment. It is compact good-looking, and effective.

Here is a complete Schwinn Airdyne AD6 reviews from a buyer:

We have used the Schwinn Aerdyne AD4 in our home for about three years. I’ll start with a review specific to the AD6, and then provide some observations about how it differs form the AD4.

The AD6 came in a “Shipping-proof” box. Very well-packaged and secure. It is very heavy, of course, so be prepared to have help brining it in the house. The AD6 arrived completely unscathed. Not a single scratch or dinge on any elements of the bike. All parts were there and easy to unpack. Great job on the packing and shipping.

A very straightforward once-person job (but note that the instructions recommend that two people set it up). It took me about an hour from opening the box to using the bike. All parts are clearly labeled “left: or “right”, there are just a few screws, bolts, and washers that re sealed in a labeled hardware card, and all required tools are provided. Holes for bolts lined up perfectly. Schwinn clearly made ease of assembly a priority.

The AD6 will fit in a 28″ by 52″ space. Very compact and fits fine in our relatively small family room. It looks great, with a professional black finish.

The AD6 is a pleasure to use. The fan is quiet (but will blow up any dust in the area), and has very good resistance when using your legs and arms. Of course, as you increase speed, the wind really blows all around and the AD6 becomes fairly blustery and loud. But the fact that the wind does not hit you in the face is a big plus over the AD4. For upper-body-only exercise, you can place you feet on two stationary stems near the fly wheel, or on a space behind the wheel. Resistance when doing arms-only is a bit tough, but it gives you a good workout. I find that there is not much, if any, wind in my face when using the AD6. The seat is large and comfortable, and the pedals include adjustable foot straps. There is an easy-reach bottle holder at the front, and you can buy a reading rack accessory from Schwinn. Without that reading rack accessory, there is nowhere on the bike to put a magazine, ipad, ipod, etc.

The console displays RPM, speed, distance, watts, and calories. It will also display your pulse if you buy that accessory from Schwinn. Initial setup requires that you enter your altitude. While the console itself provides decent information, it is dark and hard to read, even in normal room lighting due to the low contrast and high level of glare. The AD6 is moderately portable on a hard surface (it is heavy, but has wheels on the from; but to use the wheels you have to lift up the rear of the unit… a good 60 lb lift). The wheels on the AD6 are small, so moving on carpet is more difficult.

The AD6 is a very solid exercise bike. The fan area is solid, the bolts secure well, and there is no rattling when we use the bike. It feels like it is built to last. As I mentioned earlier, the blade is very secure and feels to be built into the frame.

The AD6 is a great piece of exercise equipment. It is compact good-looking, and effective.

The AD4 has served us well over the years. The AD6, however, is clearly a step above the AD4. First, when using the AD6, the wind from the blade does not blow straight up in your face like it does for the AD4. The blade assembly on the AD6 is also more secure. On the AD4, we frequently need to re-set the blade cage so that it does not rattle against the blade. On the AD6, the blade assembly seems to be more securely attached to the actual frame of the bike. The blade and cage are also much smaller (22″ vs. 27″) but in our tests, gave the same level of resistance. The AD6 blade is also a more solid blade, while the AD4’s blade has small metal spokes and a few tin-looking blades. The belts that drive the blade are enclosed in the AD6’s frame and are not visible. The AD4’s drive chain is visible. The AD$ does not really have an enclosed “body” like the AD4 does. Again, this is not to take away from the AD4. It is a very good bike as well.

The seats appear to be the same on the AD4 and AD6. The pedals on the AD6 are large and have straps, while the pedals on the AD4 are smaller, essentially the size of a typical bicycle pedal. The computer consoles are different, but it’s really a wash on which is better. The AD6’s console is larger and shows all values at the same time; the AD4 console is smaller and you must hit a button to scroll through values. However, the AD4 console is higher up, so it is easier to read and access. But the AD6 does have a water bottle holder, which the AD4 does not have.

As for portability, they both have wheels on the front. The AD4 has larger wheels which are located on the blade cage, and the AD6 has smaller wheels on the front footing. The AD4, because of the larger wheels, is a bit easier to move about.

The foot props (where you place your feet near the axis of the fly wheel when you are doing upper body only) on the AD4 are stationary, while the props on the AD6 actually move with the upper body handlebar arms. A small distraction.

Overall, the AD6 is the clear winner. It seems to have a better build, is more compact, and is better-looking overall. Schwinn has obviously taken the time to improve upon an already great product. Especially at Amazon’s price, don’t hesitate to invest in the AD6 (or even the AD4).

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Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike (Sports)

For an intense, full-body cardio workout that builds strength and blasts calories, it’s hard to beat the Schwinn Airdyne AD6. Its signature wind-resistance technology puts you in control of your workout intensity – so the more you put in, the more you get out. The AD6 is loaded with features to keep you comfortable while staying on top of your training stats and biometric data.

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